New Kitten


We have new babys born in autumn 2012!


We have a new baby

born at 22th March 2012

The proud parents are

Belocki´s Blackberry of Baltic Bay


Soft Cupid´s Joe Black


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We have new babies

born at 5th November 2011

The proud parents are


Baltic Bay Prima Vera


FIFE CH International
D´Eden Lover Snowman of Baltic Bay

white - copper eyed

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Only in a small catteries without cages or simply to loving. 


Welcome to our available kitten page

All our cats are sold with a contract.

For sale - This kitten is to be sold.

Reserved - We have an interested buyer for this kitten

 Still no pre-payments was carried out.

Sale Pending - A pre-payments was carried out.

The Kitten is for the buyer reserved to we

kept the complete sum.

Pre-payments are not back refunded.

Sold - The Kitten is paid completely.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs between 400,00 € and 550,00 € plus the costs of the cat

dependent on the flight and future new at home

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