The Rainbowbridge


On this side of the sky begins a bridge, the rainbow bridge is called.

If an animal dies, which was completely particularly closely with humans
 in the this life connected, then it enters this rainbow bridge shining
 in all colors and finds in the the other world a paradies:
 The correct environment is meadows, hill, valleys, forests, for everyone
 of our loved friends. They run and play, completely
unencumbered with one another.

There is plenty of food and water and sunshine,
and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor.
The hurt or mutilated animals will have retained again strongly and completely,
as we them in our memory to the past lucky days in our heart.

The animals are lucky and content, with exception of a little thing:
Everyone of them misses someone, its humans, whom it had to leave.

And in such a way and rave they play day with one another for day,
 until suddenly one of them stops and arranges the view into the distance.
 To tremble its shining eyes will watchful, the body begins.
 Then it solves suddenly from the group,
 flies themselves over the green grass, becomes faster and faster.
 He discovered YOU.
And at the foot of the rainbow bridge their of you seeing again celebrates
 and knows that nothing more you can separate.

You stroke again and again dear-won the head,
 press your face completely firmly to the sun-warm, alive body.
 Your souls merge in the memory. You look deeply into these eyes,
which had never disappeared so for a long time
separately from your life, but from your heart.

And then you cross the rainbow bridge together.....
Grass will grow, grass will wither
- likewise the years.... to we at the rainbow to see itself again.


Copyright Baltic Bay Persians  / All rights reserved
All pictures and design by Leni Lundsgaard